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8 Ways To Use Hard Money Financing

If you haven’t used hard money financing before, it’s natural to have some questions. Many companies are turning to this flexible, fast and simple loan option. At HML Solutions, we’ve helped countless businesses in Florida, from construction businesses to real estate developers. How can you use a hard money loan to benefit your business? Real […]

Using Bridge Loans for Mergers and Acquisitions in South Florida

The key to successfully negotiating bridge loan financing with HML Solutions or any other lender involves understanding the terms, structure and timing associated with a bridge loan commitment. Bridge loans are commonly used to finance mergers and acquisitions, but it’s important to analyze the economics of the overall transaction before committing to the bridge loan. […]

Understanding the Difference Between Private Money Loans and Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans and private money loans are two different types of alternative financing. When a business has capital needs that traditional lenders such as banks can’t meet, alternative financing can provide a practical solution. It’s fairly common for modern businesses to run into this situation due to the strict and often exaggerated requirements many […]

What To Know About Using Bridge Loans for Construction Projects

It has always been important to have sufficient financing for construction projects in Florida. Whether your business focuses primarily on residential construction and remodeling or commercial development, having access to significant financing can help you reach your deadlines on time. What has changed in the last decade are the type of loans business owners, real […]