Our Hard Money Investors Helping Brokers Across The Globe

HML Solutions has many options for hard money brokers, depending on the particular loan and involvement. Not only do we protect broker fees, we use direct private lenders, while our loans are underwritten and approved in house. All this, giving us the chance to give you fast approval, as quick as 10 days!


Our hard money programs feature a plethora of valuable options to help meet your client’s wants and needs. We are seasoned professionals and investors, working directly with brokers to help close more loans for customers — regardless of credit.

Asset Based Peer-To-Peer Lending

At HML Solutions we utilize peer-to-peer lending strategies, minimizing overhead and maximizing value! Although proudly based in Florida, our internet reach and lending success has enabled us to provide unique lending expertise to clients across the globe.

US based customers can get started by reviewing our loan program details here.

Global Lending Solutions

In addition to domestic clients, we provide lending consultation and services to a global clientele. Customers outside of the US, please contact us via webform here.

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Hard Money Loans, FL stands on a foundation that has a no-exception honesty & integrity policy. Our uniqueness stems from our genuine care for relationships, and the ethical value of our group. Your communications with us are guaranteed to be easy-going, clear, and truthful.

HML introduces an important perspective into the professional world of finances. Care and cause. You will see repeatedly on our website that we aim to “build a better world.” We are interested in funding large projects that will provoke large change, by increasing the value and integrity of the communities in which they exist.

If you are looking for a cash loan, are a broker, or are interested in funding a great project, please do not hesitate to engage with us!