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Gulfport, FL, is a location matched by few others. Most businesses in this small town are independently owned and operated and there are no parking meters—a place with a true small-town feel! Some of the things you can expect to experience and enjoy are brick paved streets lined by palm trees that’s “Old Florida” charm at its finest.

At HML Solutions, we understand the importance of being neighborly and doing business right. We offer a range of hard money and bridge loans backed by real estate collateral in the form of land or commercial property. These loans may be ideal for people who banks have turned down because they have bad credit scores or lack sufficient income to qualify for conventional lending options.

With our flexible loan terms and competitive interest rates, we look to provide our neighbors in Gulfport access to loans they wouldn’t be able to qualify for otherwise.

Why Choose Hard Money & Bridge Financing Over Traditional Loans?

There are several reasons why people may choose to finance a purchase or renovation with bridge money instead of traditional loans. One reason is that it can be challenging to get approved for a loan when you have less-than-great credit. Traditional banks often rely on FICO scores and other credit-based metrics to decide whether or not to approve a loan, and if your score is low, you may not be eligible for financing. On the other hand, hard money and bridge lenders are more likely to look at the value of the property being financed rather than the borrower’s credit history. This means that even if you have poor credit, you may still qualify for a hard money or bridge loan as long as the property is worth enough collateral.

How Can Hard Money Loan Help a Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner with limited capital, a hard money loan can be an excellent way to expand your company. Hard money loans are short-term loans with quick approval times. There is no penalty for paying back early and HML Solutions offers competitive rates to help you make the most of your loan. With these advantages, it makes sense why many people choose hard money from HML Solutions over traditional options like personal savings, credit cards, or business loans from a bank.

What Can Bridge Financing Be Used For?

Bridge loans are often used to complete short-term renovations, cosmetic repairs on real estate They can also be helpful when purchasing a property before selling the existing property. Bridge loans help “bridge” the gap for when borrowers need cash to cover financing to purchase, build, or fix-and-flip a property in the short term. Bridge loans are usually approved in 1 to 2 weeks and are thus great for when time is of the essence in closing real estate deals.

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