Hard Money & Bridge Financing Solutions For The Greater Sunrise Area

Hard Money Loan Solutions in Sunrise, FL

Sunrise, Florida, is a thriving town nestled in the heart of one of the state’s biggest tourist regions. As such, the city houses a wide variety of homes and commercial buildings. Investors in the region need access to the right type of financing to snatch up properties when they hit the market because they don’t stay available for long with the city’s thriving real estate industry. HML Solutions offers customized bridge and hard money loans that make it possible for investors to obtain property.

Hard Money Financing in Sunrise, FL

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to financing. Whether they intend to fix and flip houses or buy commercial properties to build franchises with, investors need hard money loan solutions that are tailored to meet their individual needs. HML Solutions believes that this customized approach to financing is the best way to help investors navigate the unique real estate market in Sunrise. Hard money loans provide investors with the funding they need to obtain property as soon as it becomes available rather than waiting on other pieces of real estate to sell first. We offer bridge and hard money loans that are suitable for a wide variety of purposes, including construction loans, single-family properties, real estate purchases and foreclosure properties.

We work directly with investors so that we can tailor loan solutions to meet their needs. Once we know which type of property they are interested in and what they plan to do with it, we work closely with our clients to customize hard money loans so they get exactly what they need for their project.

Hard Money Loan Terms

The terms for traditional lending solutions are evolving rapidly, and many companies offer smaller loans with more stringent requirements. Rather than focusing on your bottom line as an investor or performing frequent credit checks to determine if you are eligible for a hard money loan, we structure our hard money loans around the value and assets of your commercial property. We look at your plan to turn your investment into a profit instead of focusing solely on your credit history. The terms for all of our hard money loans are competitive and include those listed below.

  • No prepayment penalties so you are free to pay back the loan at any convenient time before the loan expires
  • Loan amounts of up to $50 million
  • Fixed interest rates between 6.99% and 12%
  • Loan terms of up to five years
  • No application fees
  • Interest-only amortization

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Hard money loans enable investors to buy properties without having to sell other pieces of real estate to afford the new transactions. This allows investors to buy properties as soon as they come on the market. Because there are many types of properties, hard money loan solutions need to be customized to fit the needs of individual investors. HML Solutions specializes in customized hard money loans, so if you are an investor seeking flexible financing for a bridge loan in Sunrise, FL, contact us today to see how we can customize funding for you.


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