Hard Money Loan & Private Lending Solutions In Puerto Rico


HML Solutions offers bridge financing and hard money loans in Puerto Rico. We have been able to expand our services and become a leader in hard money loan solutions throughout the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. If you have free and clear property in Puerto Rico, HML Solutions can provide hard money loans and bridge financing to keep projects on track and help you reach your goals.

Financing Solutions In Puerto Rico

HML Solutions offers bridge and hard money financing services for a wide range of projects in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, including:

  • Single Family Units
  • Multi-Family Units
  • Real Estate Purchases
  • Short Sales
  • Construction Loans
  • REOs
  • Foreclosure Properties
  • Unique Projects (contact us)

Fast & Accessible Financing

Unlike traditional lending channels with high requirements and long processing times, HML Solutions offers hard money loans and bridge financing that can be arranged quickly. There are no delays or red tape to hold up funding, so you can keep projects on track and reach your goals on or ahead of schedule. Efficient financing means you can complete projects and start generating revenue much faster than traditional lending channels that bog down borrowers with tedious credit checks and proof of income. Our team deals with the properties and hard assets at hand so we can fast track your loan requests and get you the financing you need, when you need it. Our bridge financing and hard money loan programs feature:

  • LOAN AMOUNTS: $250K – $50M+
  • LTV: Up to 50% of the as-is value or purchase price (whichever is lower)
  • TERM: 1 – 2 Years
  • RATE TYPE: 12%
  • AMORTIZATION: Interest only
  • PREPAY PENALTY: None (Repay the balance at anytime during the term)
  • CLOSING: 4-6 Weeks

Improving Puerto Rico One Property At A Time

Bridge financing and hard money loans allow commercial real estate investors and property developers in Puerto Rico to have a huge impact. While building, renovating, purchasing, flipping, and renting properties is a great way to generate revenue, there is a bigger picture. Properties provide housing and draw in businesses, which boost the local economy. At HML Solutions, we embrace the philosophy of making Puerto Rico, and the world at large, a better place. The best way to do that is to ensure property investors and developers have the funding they need to provide renovated and safe structures for buyers and tenants. By funding commercial real estate projects in Puerto Rico, developers and investors can increase property value and have a larger positive impact on local communities.

Get Started Today

Whether you are purchasing and renovating your first commercial property, converting a structure into a rental, or taking on a large construction project in Puerto Rico, HML Solutions has the funding you need. Our team will work with your directly to structure a bridge or hard money loans tailored to the scope of your project so you can reach your goals and generate revenue. Contact our offices today to learn more about our bridge financing and hard money loan programs designed specifically for entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico.

Note: All submitted information is kept in strict confidence and used solely for the purpose of obtaining a hard money loan and/or bridge loan. We do not share your information with any third parties without your consent.


Use our quick-start application below to begin the process. Once received, we will contact you via phone to verify your interest and to gather a few more details:

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