Hard Money & Bridge Financing Solutions For The Greater Juno Beach Area

Hard Money Loan Solutions in Juno Beach, FL

At HML Solutions, we understand that not all businesses have been around for decades. There are promising newcomers on the scene that need access to commercial real estate financing as well. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for Juno Beach business owners to qualify for hard money loans and bridge loans. Whether you’ve been serving customers for 25 years or are just getting started with fix-and-flip properties, our financing options can give you the help you need.

A Simplified Application Process for Bridge Loans in Juno Beach

Many lenders make loan applicants go through countless hurdles to qualify for financing. We think doing that is a waste of time for your business and for us as well. Instead, our hard money loans are set up in a way that reduces the qualification requirements and focuses more on the property you’re looking to buy. Here are some of the advantages for you:

  • Simple credit check
  • Fewer cash flow requirements
  • Few business documents requested
  • No outside collateral requirements
  • Faster closing
  • Fixed interest rates

You don’t need to have valuable business equipment to use as collateral. Instead, the commercial property or project assets act as collateral for the loan. The main documents you need to submit for approval are related to the value of the commercial property or the remodeling project you have planned. Many of our clients are able to close on real estate in a maximum of 7–14 days.

Excellent Loan Terms and Interest Rates

We believe that promising new businesses should have access to excellent financing terms as well. The idea that only “time-tested” companies should be able to get good interest rates is a myth. Our hard money loans allow you to qualify for excellent terms and rates that help you turn a profit from your first project and for every one afterwards.

  • Loan-to-value ratio: We offer an LTV of up to 75% the purchase price or existing property value (whichever is lower).
  • Interest rates: 6.99%–12%.
  • Fixed interest: Our loans are interest-only amortized, providing stability to the entire process.
  • No prepayment penalties: You can pay off the loan at any time during the term, such as transferring the balance to an SBA loan once you’re approved.
  • No additional fees: You never have to worry about surprise fees or small print. We’re completely upfront with everything you need to know. That’s why we’re such a popular financing option with businesses in Juno Beach.

You can save money on a hard money loan if your business has excellent financials, but that’s not a requirement to get approved or enjoy good interest rates. We work with businesses in endless industries.

Hard Money Loans and Bridge Loans for Any Type of Commercial Real Estate Project

Every business needs financing for different reasons. We understand that and support companies with many different organizational structures, including sole proprietors, business partners, husband-wife fix-and-flip duos, LLCs, small businesses and large-scale corporations. We can help business owners purchase a retail location of their own, assist real estate developers in taking advantage of great opportunities, or provide financing for remodeling projects and fix-and-flip projects.

To get started, contact our expert team in Juno Beach, FL, right away.

Note: All submitted information is kept in strict confidence and used solely for the purpose of obtaining a hard money loan and/or bridge loan. We do not share your information with any third parties without your consent.


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